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Artist Spotlight

Miki Glasser

April 7th - June 28th, 2016, 6PM - 8PM

Miki Glasser studied studio art at Bard College and art education at Teachers College, Columbia University. She has assisted courses and workshops at Teachers College in NYC and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine, and teaches clay workshops at Byrdie's Studio in New Orleans and the Eureka Springs School of Art in Eureka Springs, Arkanas.  She has shown work at Byrdie's Gallery, the Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans and the Macy Art Gallery in NYC.  Mishima is the technique used to achieve fine blue lines on the surface of her pots.  She starts with a new pot, fresh off the wheel, and using a needle tool, she inscribes her drawings directly into the surface of the clay. A thin layer of blue glaze is then applied to the lines and scraped or wiped off the surface, leaving only the delicate line trapped in the clay. After the piece is fired an additional layer of clear glaze is applied over the top. This means that the drawings on her pots are similar to tattoos- they are embedded in the clay and will never fade or change, even after years of loving use.


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